Mattias Andersson

Renowned playwright and director Mattias Andersson has been the Artistic Director of Backa Teater since 2006.

Andersson often explores the darker side of human nature and has received a lot of acclaim for his way of clashing documentary material with classical texts. Andersson has been awarded the Ibsen-prize in 2007 and the Swedish Theatre Critics Award in 2007 and 2009.

Performances like Crime and Punishment, The Mental States of Sweden, Gangs of Gothenburg, Utopia 2012 and Acts of Goodness are well acclaimed both nationally and internationally. Several of Andersson’s plays have been translated and staged all over Europe.

Mattias Andersson has previosly directed several well acclaimed performances, such as:

  • The Idiot, The Royal Dramatic Theatre, 2015
  • Acts of Goodness, Backa Teater, 2014
  • The Mental States of Sweden, The Royal Dramatic Theatre, 2013
  • Utopia 2012, Backa Teater, 2012
  • King Matt the First, Backa Teater, 2009
  • Gangs of Gothenburg, Backa Teater, 2009
  • Crime and Punishment, Backa Teater, 2007
  • The Mental States of Gothenburg, Angereds Teater, 2006