Lawrence of Arabia

Guest performance from Teatr Powszechny, Poland.

This show is an attempt of putting both participants and the public on someone else’s shoes, by looking at familiar issues from the outside, and a fantasy of theatre created for a multilingual and multicultural society. It’s also a play on viewers expectations - because what exactly do they know about Sudan? When was Poland a banana republic? Why does Zorro wear a burka? What is more remote to us: Venezuela or an Amazon warehouse?

The creators of 'Lawrence of Arabia' decided to invite newcomers, not rooted in Poland and those forced to leave their native countries, to cooperate. The goal of the show was to avoid constructing a phantom image of the Other. Expectations were contradicted, perceptions turned around in unexpected ways and the play gained its own comedic dimension. Comedy emerges as a serious, concrete remedy against generalizations and fantasies related to identity.

After talk

After the performance we present an after talk with the director Weronika Szczawińska.

European cooperation project

Lawrence of Arabia is Teatr Powszechny’s contribution to the European project "Atlas of Transitions - New geographies for a cross-cultural Europe" which is a collaboration between theaters and artists in Sweden, France, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Greece and Albania.

On the
1h 30 min
80-240 SEK


Regi Weronika Szczawińska Dramaturg Piotr Wawer jr Text Piotr Wawer Jr, Weronika Szczawińska, Eileen Gricuk, Jose Luis Sosa Estanga, Imru’ al-Qais, Amin Omer, Vira Popowa Scenografi Daniel Malone Koreografi Agata Maszkiewicz Skådespelare MAMADOU GÓO BÂ, WIKTOR LOGA-SKARCZEWSKI, NATALIA ŁĄGIEWCZYK, MARIA ROBASZKIEWICZ, KARINA SEWERYN, PIOTR WAWER JR

New geographies for a cross-cultural Europe

Atlas of transitions

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