The Color out of Space

An attempt to describe the indescribable

A meteorite has crashed into the earth. It brings with it a completely new color. Or, in any case, something that resembles a color. Some say it is not a color at all, but something else entirely. There are no words for this new phenomenon, it is alien and indescribable and people are driven insane by trying to understand it.

The Color Out of Space is inspired by HP Lovecraft’s groundbreaking horror story with the same title from 1927. What is color? And where is it? Does it live within the objects around us or is it simply refracted light waves? Maybe it’s just something our brains made up. Is red the same color for you as for your friend? How do you know? Imagine then that a completely new color, or something similar, appears. Impossible to include in any known category. Suddenly everything is challenged.

Age limit
From 9 years
1 h 15 min
60-160 kr