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About Love

Dreams and shopping in the apocalypse – or How I stopped worrying and learned to love the downfall

A not-too-distant future. Campanile di San Marco, Venice’s tallest clock tower, has just been covered by the steadily rising ocean waters and the capital city of romance has been banished to the history books. Gretchen, an actress on another continent, sits straddled over the gas tank of her motorcycle and frets. She’s left someone behind and is on her way to someone new, but has she really made the right decision?

In this world, where love, happiness and freedom are measured in likes and bought and sold in the marketplace, it can be hard to differentiate between emotions and goods. What happens when we’re suddenly forced to stop consuming? Honestly, who really wants to lose the freedom to love, to shop, to find happiness – if there still is a choice?

This apocalyptic monologue by Max Bolotin, Daniel Nyström, Caroline Söderström and Bella Oldenqvist is their third collective project. Previously, they’ve created I love Transylvania and AntiLancelot.

About Love is a collaboration with Kastratet (The Castrato), an art platform which in recent years has produced a number of text-based performance projects that test the boundaries of morality and of audiences’ abilities to identify with the indefensible. The Castrato, based in Gothenburg, concerns itself with violence, identity and the obscene shadow generated by the apparently commonplace.

World premiere
Lilla Scen

Dramatist Max Bolotin
Direction Daniel Nyström
Actor Caroline Söderström
Set design Daniel Nyström and Isabelle Oldenqvist
Costume design Daniel Nyström and Isabelle Oldenqvist
Mask design Katrin Lind
Light design Bella Oldenqvist
Dramaturge Lucia Cajchanova