Marie Delleskog, Hannah Alem Davidson, Fredrik Evers

At least the Frame Agreement was good

High ideals become their opposites in Gertrud Larsson’s public bidding comedy

Municipal bureaucrat Roland gets burned when the bidding for a new water dispenser becomes global politics.

Roland has truly found his place in the universe as a municipal bureaucrat. Full of enthusiasm, he charges into fair treatment schemes, regulatory documents and public bidding processes. Proudly, every morning, he straps on his golden wristwatch from Gothenburg City. Accompanied by the “music” of endless dynamite blasts for the West Link building project, he buys park benches and office materials at a great pace.

But when public bidding is required for a new water dispenser at the office, Roland is drawn into a Kafka-like intrigue and his motives are called into question. The Gothenburg trademark gets tarnished when high ideals plummet among the city office colleagues. Greed, herd behavior and lack of civil courage pull the organization downward toward the abyss.

Previously at Gothenburg City Theatre, dramatist Gertrud Larsson enjoyed great success with her play The Newspaper House that God Forgot. Now she’s back with a biting, dark and hilarious satire about competence development schemes, sustainability policies and the public sector.

World premiere

By Gertrud Larsson
Director Jenny Nörbeck
Ensemble Hannah Alem Davidson, Marie Delleskog, Victoria Dyrstad, Fredrik Evers, Carina M Johansson, Sylvia Rauan
Set design Martin Eriksson
Costume design Martin Eriksson
Mask design Ingela Collin
Light and video design Ludde Falk
Sound design Karin Bloch-Jörgensen
Dramaturge Sisela Lindblom
Publisher Colombine Teaterförlag