Carina M Johansson

Desolation Row

Dylan, my brother and me

The brother dies in the end. On the hospital cot there’s a little wrinkled scrap of paper with the mother’s telephone number. About a sister and her addicted brother. Their lives are woven together in a reminiscence of worry, shame and happiness.

Onstage: Carina M Johansson together with three musicians. Mr. Bob Dylan is there too although he couldn’t make it. Lyrics in Swedish translation by Mikael Wiehe.

At Studion
In Feb 2022

Written and directed by Carina M Johansson
Music Bob Dylan, lyrics translated by Mikael Wiehe
Actor Carina M Johansson
Musicians Sofia Andersson, Kristina Issa, Julia Schabbauer
Makeup design Maria Agaton
Sound design Kenneth Kling
Music arrangements Kristina Issa
Dramaturge Lucia Cajchanova