Black humor meets profound anguish in Beckett’s absurd drama about the relentless march of time.

After the Catastrophy, in a closed room at the edge of existence, the day begins in the same way it always does: Clov climbs up to the window, looks out: “Finished, it’s nearly finished, it must be nearly finished.” Hamm wakes up, gives some orders and then asks: “We’re not beginning to … to … mean something?” Clov replies: “Mean something! You and I, mean something! (Brief laugh.) Ah that’s a good one!”

And the two legless elderlies in their ashbins wonder: “Why this farce, day after day?” Yes, why indeed?

Ronnie Hallgren, whose production of Krapp’s Last Tape here at Gothenburg City Theatre in 2013 was highly praised, directs, again diving deeply into Samuel Beckett’s world.


By Samuel Beckett
Translation Magnus Hedlund
Direction Ronnie Hallgren
Ensemble Johan Gry, Sven-Åke Gustavsson, Carina M Johansson, Johan Karlberg
Set design and costume design Alex Tarragüel Rubio
Mask design Ingela Collin
Light design Max Mitle
Sound design Jesper Lindell
Dramaturge Lucia Cajchanova
Publisher Nordiska Aps