Victoria Dyrstad, Adam Axelsson, Hilda Krepper,  Anton Hellström, Filip Aladdin, Lisa Lindgren

The Tempest

Based extremely freely on Shakespeare.

Prepare yourself for a maximized total experience, an explosively open attempt to manipulate and move you as the art collective KonstAB brings Shakespeare’s The Tempest into its own universe.

“How are you DOING? HOW are you doing? How ARE you doing? How are YOU doing? Who SAW? Who SEES? What have you SEEN? Look at yourself. How did you grow so big? When did you grow that big? You’re so full of crazy ideas, just like your father. Isn’t that the truth? It’s not your fault that we couldn’t live together. You’re NOT to blame. Now try to sleep. Tomorrow we’ll go to Stadium and buy the ice skates you want.”

The Tempest was the inaugural production at Göteborgs Stadsteater in 1934 and the first play performed when the theatre re-opened after massive renovations in 2002. This year the art collective KonstAB presents a strongly physical, fast-moving, colorful version of Shakespeare’s classic fantasy.

As guest performers, KonstAB previously performed their trilogy Total Security, Totally Fresh and Total Structuralism here at Göteborgs Stadsteater. Their take on The Tempest will now enter our regular repertoire.

KonstAB exposes the contemporary scene with an almost unrestrained stage esthetic. They often mix video art, sound art and theatre art and have recently produced their first full-length film, Art Vernissage at God’s Place, a surreal comedy about God and dada.

Lilla Scen
Tickets release 26 August

By William Shakespeare
Adaptation and direction Ossian Melin
Ensemble Filip Aladdin, Adam Axelsson, Victoria Dyrstad, Anton Hellström, Lisa Lindgren Trainee (The Ballet Academy) Hilda Krepper
Set design, costume design and mask design Konstab
Light design Filip Aladdin
Sound and video design Konstab
Dramaturge Sisela Lindblom