Gun-Mari Josephson, Anna Bjelkerud, Caroline Söderström, Victoria Olmarker, Ulla Holm

The Idla Girls

Poetic, ecstatic and life-affirming

When Kristina Lugn’s most performed play is transformed from a chamber play for two into a musical explosion, the stage fills up with women. The result is ecstatic and life-affirming, with two choruses and newly written music by Andrea Tarrodi. Wrapped up in the beloved poet’s ingenious, surprising language.

Three women take a holiday from themselves to a place far beyond their daily routines. Their entire lives circle around them, in joy and sadness, in laughter and sorrow as they talk about motherhood, desire, solitude, death. One body, all ages. In their own gaze, not the men’s. For a change.

Director Mellika Melouani Melani is back at Göteborgs Stadsteater. Previously she directed We who are 100, Babel and Ordering Three Sisters here. As artistic director for Folkoperan (The People’s Opera Company), she has directed, among other works, Carmina Burana, a production that played for a full house at the immense venue Globen (The Globe) in Stockholm.

The Idla Girls was originally performed with two actors. This version is a collage that combines the play with a number of Lugn’s poems.

Stora Scen

By Kristina Lugn
Adaptation and direction Mellika Melouani Melani
Ensemble Anna Bjelkerud, Eline Høyer, Victoria Olmarker, Caroline Söderström, And Others
Musicians Malin Almgren, Tove Darelid
Set design Bengt Gomér
Costume design Mellika Melouani Melani
Mask design Maria Agaton
Light design Bengt Gomér
Composers Andrea Tarrodi Albatross, Kent Olofsson
Video design Per Rydnert
Choreographer Ambra Succi
Dramaturge Anna Berg