On stage


Don Juan

Premiere 9 September 2022

Scen Stora Scen

A wicked comedy about the world’s most famous womanizer

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Revival 16 September 2022

Scen Stora Scen

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! ”The world’s best Beatles cover band” is back!


Premiere 23 September 2022

Scen Studion

Ibsen’s classic about living an illusion to stay alive

Helen och Agnes

Premiere 14 October 2022

Scen Lilla Scen

Powerful new drama by Johanna Svalbacke

Shoot – kameran går!

Premiere 21 October 2022

Scen Stora Scen

Behind the scenes at a chaotic silent film shoot

En död komikers liv – en saga om Lenny Bruce

Premiere 2 December 2022

Scen Stora Scen

Claes Malmberg portrays the legendary satirist and stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce

The Vivian Girls

Premiere 9 December 2022

Scen Studion

Freely based on the life’s work of the eccentric artist Henry Darger.

Apokalyps – en såpopera i fem akter

Premiere 10 December 2022

Scen Lilla Scen

In a world where the best story wins


Revival 27 December 2022

Scen Stora Scen

Ingmar Bergman’s film – onstage for the first time ever.


Revival in February

Scen Lilla Scen

A terrifying journey into the darkness

Vi hade i alla fall tur med ramavtalet

Revival in February

Scen Studion

High ideals become their opposites in Gertrud Larsson’s public bidding comedy

Var är min man?

Revival in February

Scen Lilla Scen

When the unthinkable happens


Premiere 17 February 2023

Scen Stora Scen

Free, dangerous and completely unpredictable

Du är min nu

Premiere 17 March 2023

Scen Studion

Domestic violence


Premiere 31 March 2023

Scen Stora Scen

A satire about a future close to yours

Hemma hos – en miljon rum och kök

Premiere 14 April 2023

Scen Lilla Scen

Hjällbo, one apartment, countless destinies