It should feel safe for those of you who want to go to the theatre and for those of us who work here. We follow the current guidelines.

In Sweden vaccination certificates are needed for public gatherings and events indoors exceeding 20 people.Göteborgs Stadsteater require vaccination certificates from visitors to all stages in the theater building at Götaplatsen. Also bring a valid photo-ID.

In the theatre's restaurant and bars, seated guests and distances of one meter between groups at a maximum of 8 people, is applied.

To make your visit as smooth as possible, kindly download your vaccination certificate in advance and arrive at the theater in good time and have your ticket and your vaccination certificate ready.

Like tickets, your vaccination certificate can be either printed or available digitally in your mobile phone. Make sure your mobile phone's battery is charged if you have chosen to present your ticket and vaccination certificate digitally.

Note: In accordance with government regulations, only vaccination certificate will be accepted, not test evidence or the like. Anyone who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons needs to present a medical certificate proving this.

Also keep in mind that vaccination certificates have a limited validity period - check that yours is valid.

If you do not have a vaccination certificate, get in touch as soon as possible for cancellation or rebooking. Contact information for the ticket office.

It is each visitor's own responsibility to reduce the risk of infections. Follow the recommendations and show consideration, both when entering and exiting and in queues (for example to the wardrobes, the toilets and servings).

Come to the theatre well in advance, wash your hands and feel free to use hand sanitizers which can be found in several places around the theatre house. Follow the advice of our audience hosts. Stay at home if you have symptoms of illness or have a cold.

Can I cancel if I get sick?
If you need to cancel due to illness, please contact us, if possible, the day before the performance and you will receive new tickets for another date or gift card.

What happens if the theater is forced to cancel?
If you have purchased a ticket to any performance and the theatre is forced to cancel, we will contact you for a change, gift card or repurchase. We will primarily contact you by email, secondly by phone.

Welcome to Göteborgs Stadsteater!

Last updated 27 December 2021.