On stage 2023-2024

All performances are held in Swedish except for Orlando and L’Aventure invisible.

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Based on Virginia Woolf’s groundbreaking novel

Katie Mitchell and Schaubühne Berlin explore Orlando’s queer journey through centuries of patriarchal history.

BY Virginia Woolf TRANSLATION Brigitte Walitzek ADAPTATION Alice Birch DIRECTION Katie Mitchell ENSEMBLE İlknur Bahadır, Philip Dechamps, Cathlen Gawlich, Carolin Haupt, Jenny König, Isabelle Redfern, Alessa Schmitz, Konrad Singer, Andreas Hartmann, Nadja Krüger, Stefan Kessissoglou

Guest performances September 1-2 The Main Stage
Co-produced by the European theatre network Prospero.

Performed in German, subtitled in English.


Mary Shelleys värld (Mary Shelley’s World)

She created Frankenstein’s monster

We meet three generations’ destinies in a world filled with young fervor, gothic fantasy, freezing seas and ghost stories.

WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Sisela Lindblom CONCEPT Sisela Lindblom together with Kajsa Hilton-Brown ENSEMBLE Hannah Alem Davidson, Marta Andersson-Larson, Marie Delleskog, Victoria Dyrstad, Anna-Lena Efverman, Johan Hafezi, Eline Höijer, Alex Jubell, Carina M Johansson, Dag Malmberg, Mattias Nordkvist, Victoria Olmarker

World premiere September 22 The Main Stage


Stugfeber (Cabin Fever)

New musical written and performed by Lars Demian

A true cock-and-bull story, a modern variety of the Grimm brothers’ sagas. Regret, honor, betrayal, shifting alliances and the longing for freedom. With champagne and schnapps flavored with death cap mushrooms.

BY Lars Demian DIRECTION Hugo Aavaranta Hansén ENSEMBLE Anna Bjelkerud, Fredrik Evers, Karin de Frumerie, Jesper Söderblom, Caroline Söderström MUSICAL DIRECTOR Lars Demian MUSICIANS Karin de Frumerie, Love Meyerson, David Tallroth

World premiere September 23 The Studio Stage


Försök (Attempts)

The actor’s dilemma – in three microplays

Together with the ensemble, performance star Iggy Malmborg creates three micro-performance pieces that explore some of the most challenging dilemmas known to stage artists.

WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Iggy Malmborg ENSEMBLE Marta Andersson-Larson, Eline Høyer, Mattias Nordkvist, Victoria Olmarker, Jesper Söderblom, Caroline Söderström

October- December The Small Stage


Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! It was 60 years ago today

Sixty years ago The Beatles released their first album. Their interpreters, the members of Pepperland, continue to acclaim the greatest success story in the history of popular music. Now they’re back with a new, up-dated version of their concert performance success from last season.

MUSIC The Beatles PERFORMED BY Pepperland: Micke Isacson, Mathias ”Gian” Kündig, Benny Karlsson, Stephen Sahlin, Stefan Sporsén, Per Umaerus and Marta Andersson-Larson

Revival in May on The Main Stage

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Monicas vals (Monica’s Waltz)

The country girl from Hagfors who rose to global stardom

From her family home in Hagfors Sweden to the most renown jazz venues on the other side of the Atlantic. Monica Zetterlund was one person onstage, another behind the scenes. In Monica’s Waltz we meet the star, the person and the music.

BY Klas Abrahamsson DIRECTION Ragna Wei ENSEMBLE Hannah Alem Davidson, Fredrik Evers, Karin de Frumerie, Ashkan Ghods, Johan Hafezi, Eline Høyer, Carina M Johansson, Emil Ljungestig
MUSICAL DIRECTOR Dan Evmark MUSICIANS Karolina Almgren, Arvid Jullander, Adam Ross

Premiere December 1 The Main Stage



By Alma Söderberg Cullberg

The meeting between dance and music, voice and rhythm, is central in Alma Söderberg’s new work Noche, in which exploration takes a new form. At the same time slow and sudden, constantly recurring but nevertheless unpredictable, the night is a soft break with its own rhythm. The moonlight is at once sharp and confusing, the ground under one’s feet different. Nothing can be taken for granted, attention is increased.

Selected for The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts 2023

BY Alma Söderberg DANCERS Adam Schütt, Anna Fitoussi, Benjamin Pohlig, Camille Prieux, Cecilia Wretemark-Hauck, Eliott Marmouset, Freddy Houndekindo, Johanna Tengan, Katie Jacobson, Louise Dahl, Mohamed Y. Shika, Víctor Pérez Armero

Guest performance 13-14 December Main Stage


En kort evighet (A Short Eternity)

A warm comedy about everyday existence at mid-life

Everything is thrown into new perspectives and the paths of five people cross when Charlotte looks up her teenage heart-throb. Questions pop up about life-choices and new beginnings.

BY Lolo Amble DIRECTION Gunilla Nyroos ENSEMBLE Anna Bjelkerud, Hans Brorson, Marie Delleskog, Johan Friberg, Tove Wiréen

World premiere December 15 The Studio Stage

DetOsynligaAventyret1600x800.jpgL’Aventure invisible (The Invisible Adventure)

Three extraordinary life stories come together in this documentary based conversation drama about identity, death and transformation.

A brain scientist who loses her identity after a stroke, a queer filmmaker who uses art as a form of death ritual to connect with a forgotten queer photographer, and the first transplantation patient in the world to receive a new face from a dead man.

TRANSLATION Marianne Ségol-Samoy
CAST Isabelle Girard, Tom Menanteau, Franky Gogo

Guest performance 27-28 January Main Stage
Performed in french, english subtitles

Hilda 2 1600x624.jpg


A nightmarish thriller about supremacy and subordination

In a world where the human body is a marketable object and where physical work is the only road to freedom. Hilda is about class, racism and the longing for acceptance.

A production by the artistic team K. Polyfon.

BY Marie NDiaye TRANSLATION Sara Gordan DIRECTION Gustav Englund ENSEMBLE Eva Rexed, Jesper Söderblom, Isabelle Grill

Swedish premiere February 10 The Small Stage


Änglarna, finns dom? (The Angels – Do they exist?)

A story about the love for a football team

Festive and sharp – about our city in the present and the past. The third play in Gertrud Larsson’s Gothenburg Trilogy.

BY Gertrud Larsson DIRECTION Olle Törnqvist ENSEMBLE Hannah Alem Davidson, Fredrik Evers, Victoria Olmarker and others

World premiere February 16 The Main Stage

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Det sjunde inseglet 1600x800.jpg

Det sjunde inseglet (The Seventh Seal)

Bergman’s film classic according to 1 2 3 Schtunk

Here is everything the clowns could ever hope for: a theatre troupe on tour in the era of the plague, love, hope, faith and scepticism. At long last the Schtunks throw themselves into Bergman-land!

BY Ingmar Bergman ADAPTATION 1 2 3 Schtunk och Lena Fridell DIRECTION 1 2 3 Schtunk MUSIC and LYRICS Dick Karlsson ENSEMBLE Bortas Josefine Andersson, Lasse Beischer and Dick Karlsson

This production is licensed by The Ingmar Bergman Foundation

Performances March 8, 9, 10 The Main Stage


Bad Roads

Six stories about life in the shadow of a war

About people in a no-man’s-land where good and evil no longer exist and where the difference between victims and oppressors has been wiped away. The highly-praised play Bad Roads is directed by Ukranian Tamara Trunova.

BY Natalka Vorozhbyt TRANSLATION Mikael Nydahl DIRECTION Tamara Trunova ENSEMBLE Marta Andersson-Larson, Hans Brorson, Johan Friberg, Ashkan Ghods, Mia Höglund-Melin, Carina M Johansson, Emil Ljungestig, Caroline Söderström

Swedish premiere March 15 The Studio Stage

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Anna Vnuk är Bastarden (Anna Vnuk is The Bastard)

A farewell to the shame of being unwanted

Anna Vnuk doesn’t know her own father. To be honest, she is an unwanted guest in his life. After 49 years of avoidance the time has come – she is going to try to come to terms with someone who’s not there.

WRITTEN, DIRECTED AND CHOREOGRAPHED BY Anna Vnuk ENSEMBLE Stacey Aung, Nassim Meki, Anna Vnuk, Björn Vårsjö

A co-production with Unga Klara.

Gothenburg premiere April 5, 2024

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The play of plays

Can mourning drive you crazy? Can time go out of joint? And what is it that’s haunting Hamlet? With a deep love for Shakespeare, Kristina Hagström-Ståhl directs a musically-driven new translation of the play of plays, a production intended to cross the boundaries of history.

BY William Shakespeare TRANSLATION, ADAPTATION AND DIRECTION BY Kristina Hagström-Ståhl ENSEMBLE Anna Bjelkerud, Victoria Dyrstad, Karin de Frumerie, Johan Gry, Johan Hafezi, Eline Høyer, Lisa Lindgren and others MUSIC COMPOSED AND PERFORMED BY Mikael Sundin

Premiere April 19, 2024 The Main Stage

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