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According to the calendar, Gothenburg was supposed to celebrate the city's 400th anniversary in 2021, but it was canceled for the same reason as the 300th anniversary, due to a pandemic. And in the same way as then, the event is now celebrated two years later in 2023.

Gothenburg was designed by Dutch urban architects, the same people who designed the city centers of Amsterdam and Jakarta in Indonesia. The city's administration - the magistrate - church and school were built by Germans and the British boosted trade. Sweden's gateway to the west is still today the largest port in the Nordic region and the strategic location between Oslo and Copenhagen means that the exchange with the world is great.

So also at Göteborgs Stadsteater, Stora Teatern and Backa Teater. Our three theatres are deeply involved in European collaborations. Partly through the networks Prospero and ETC, but not least through Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival, which works with theatre from all over the world.

To celebrate Gothenburg's 400 years, we will tour in Europe, to underline our international contacts. Backa Teater performs "Lyckliga alla vår dagar (Happy ever after)" during the spring at the theatre festival "Stückemarkt" in Heidelberg, Germany and "Vi som fick leva om våra liv (We who lived our lives over again)" at the The Venice Biennale in June. The performance is a co-production with the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm.

Göteborgs Stadsteater’s performance within the collaboration Prospero is called "The Silence" and will be played in Liège and Madrid during April. "The Silence" is based on Ingmar Bergman's film with the same name, and has been dramatized by the Irish-British theatre company Dead Centre.

As a conclusion to the anniversary celebration in Gothenburg, we will play "Orlando" in September, a co-production with the German Schaubühne/Berlin based on a story by Virginia Woolf and which has been dramatized and directed by the British director Katie Mitchell. The performance will be presented within the framework of the Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival.