Performed in Swedish, no English subtitles.

A terrifying journey into the darkness

At the prince’s court, in Italy of the Renaissance, the dwarf shares his malicious observations. Incapable of understanding people’s attraction to the larger aspects of life – love, music, science – he burns with a longing for bloodshed and destruction. The so-called magnificence of life can just as easily be seen as life’s insignificance. Totally devoid of meaning.

Pär Lagerkvist wrote his powerful classic novel The Dwarf in the shadow of the flames of the Second World War.

Lilla Scen

Performed in Swedish, no English subtitles.


By Pär Lagerkvist
Dramatized by Ashkan Ghods and Jesper Söderblom, permission granted by © Pär Lagerkvist Estate
Direction Ashkan Ghods
Actor Jesper Söderblom
Performance concept Ashkan Ghods, Jesper Söderblom
Mask design Katrin Lind
Music Tommy Carlsson
Visual Art/Illustrations Helga Holmén
Dramaturge Sisela Lindblom
Publisher Pär Lagerkvist Estate