Painting of the Beatles by Johannes Green

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

From Yesterday to Tomorrow Never Knows

”The world’s best Beatles cover band” is back at Göteborgs Stadsteater (Gothenburg City Theatre). This time, Pepperland follows The Beatles pathway in Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! – from the early years at The Cavern Club in Liverpool to the last recording session on the roof of Apple Records’ office in London. Paul, George, John and Ringo are the geniuses from Liverpool who wrote music history with their pioneering compositions. Together they crafted three hundred masterpieces in one decade, 1960-1970. The music of The Beatles will be forever loved.

Beatles producer George Martin has called the Gothenburg group Pepperland the world’s best Beatles cover band. They were extremely successful in 2017 and 2018 with their production here at Gothenburg City Theatre of Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band. This time, the group’s six musicians will take us on a journey through the biggest success story in the history of popular music. Karin de Frumerie will be their singing guest performer throughout the run.

Experience Beatlemania on our Main Stage, from the rather staid early sixties to the days of psychedelic flower power. Dress as you please - feel free to mirror the music! Sing along, clap along and dance!

New dates
January and May
Stora Scen

Performed in Swedish, no English subtitles.


Musicians Mikael Isacson, Benny Karlsson, Mathias Kündig, Stephen Sahlin, Stefan Sporsén, Per Umaerus
Singing guest artist Karin de Frumerie
Costume design Hélène Otterbeck
Light design Anders Johansson
Sound design Tommy Carlsson, Jesper Lindell
Music The Beatles
Projection photo Pontus Bergman