Hannah Alem Davidson

100 Songs

A poetic adventure about the concept of time and a bittersweet ode to life

It’s rush hour at the train station. A crowd of people, women and men with suitcases, backpacks, totebags. Someone is going to an employment interview, another to a child’s funeral. They have everything and nothing in common. It is a beautiful morning in September.

The flow of voices ends at eight fifty-five AM. Just when Sally glimpses a man on a train. Their eyes meet in infatuation. She drops her teacup and the world is shattered. It’s all over.

For a couple of minutes, people return to life, to the indescribable moment before the catastrophe. They tell us about unexpected encounters, loves, dreams, wondrous moments on the planet earth. And about the music they’ve listened to. Those songs that make us smile and that we hum during our morning commutes.

100 Songs is a poetic adventure about the concept of time, a bittersweet ode to life. About what we’ve lived through and what we haven’t.

Director Michael Cocke is well acquainted with the work of Roland Schimmelpfennig, one of Europe’s leading playwrights, a contemporary master of drama. His plays have been performed throughout Sweden since 2003. 100 Songs had its world premiere at Örebro Regional Theatre in 2019, commissioned by Michael Cocke who was that theatre’s artistic director at the time.

Lilla Scen
1 hour and 30 minutes, no intermission

By Roland Schimmelpfennig
Translation Ulf Peter Hallberg
Direction Michael Cocke
Ensemble Hannah Alem Davidson, Lasse Carlsson, Johan Hafezi, Maria Hedborg, Eline Høyer, Emil Ljungestig, Victor Ståhl Segerhagen
Set design and video design
Henrik Ekberg
Light design
Max Mitle
Costume design
Josefina Gustavsson
Mask design
Ingela Collin
Jimmy Meurling
Anna Berg
Colombine Teaterförlag