Tomas von Brömssen, Michael Krönlein, Per Melin, Anders Blad, Stefan Sandberg, Daniel Ekborg, Bernt Andersson

The Double Bass

Tomas von Brömssen, six musicians and a funny, gripping story about a lonely bassist and his unrequited love.

He practices his instrument and prepares for the evening’s opera performance. He talks about the double bass and the music … and, in confidence, about his unrequited love for Sara the soprano. She who never notices him. She’s up there onstage, he’s down in the orchestra pit. But tonight it will finally happen … if he dares to make sure she’ll see him … His longing for love is extremely strong but his fear of losing control is stronger.

Eva Bergman, who has entertained Gothenburg audiences for many years, most recently with her productions of Driving Miles, Karl Gerhard and Fanny and Alexander, is back. This time with The Double Bass, written by Patrick Süskind, renowned for, among other works, his highly successful novel Perfume.

Stora Scen

By Patrick Süskind
Translation Hans Axel Holm
Adaptation and direction Eva Bergman
Actor Tomas Von Brömssen
Musicians Bernt Andersson, Anders Blad, Daniel Ekborg, Michael Krönlein, Per Melin, Stefan Sandberg, Bo Stenholm
Set design and costume design Tofte Lamberg
Mask design Elisabeth Wigander
Light design William Wenner
Sound design Tommy Carlsson
Dramaturge Sisela Lindblom
Publisher Folmer Hansen Teaterförlag Ab