Fredrik Evers, and a child

The Emperor of Portugallia

A love larger than life

Jan in Skrolycka overflows with love for his newborn daughter Klara Fina, cradled in his arms. With the help of his supernatural connection with the essence of the forest and the heavens beyond, he guides her safely through the many dangers of childhood. And she in turn deeply loves her father. They are tightly bound together.

When Klara Fina turns seventeen the family is threatened with eviction. She leaves their village for the city, determined to earn the money needed to pay off their debts and keep their home. The money arrives, but not Klara Fina herself. Jan’s fervent longing for his daughter intensifies. When he hears rumors that she is working as a prostitute he loses his grip on reality. In Portugallia, his new world, his daughter is empress and he is emperor. When she finally returns home, their loving relationship is put through ever greater trials.

Pontus Stenhäll explores the power of love and the depths of sorrow in his dramatization of Selma Lagerlöf’s novel. He makes use of nature mysticism, Swedish melancholy and Swedish folk music. Outer and inner worlds magically meet, as do reason and madness, reality and fantasy.

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Feb 2022
Audio description
Performed in Swedish
Stora Scen

By Selma Lagerlöf
Dramatization and direction Pontus Stenshäll
Ensemble Marie Delleskog, Fredrik Evers, Johan Friberg, Johan Hafezi, Eline Høyer, Daniel Lemma, Emil Ljungestig, Victoria Olmarker
Musicians Anna Malmström, Boel Mogensen
Child Extras Liv Greijer Och Sigrid Petersson
Set design and costume design Maja Kall
Mask design Gunnar Lundgren
Light design Max Mitle
Sound design Karin Bloch-Jörgensen
Composer Simon Steensland
Video design Johannes Ferm Winkler
Dramaturge Anna Berg