About Backa Teater

Backa Teater is an independent part of the Gothenburg City Theatre, with its own house, ensemble and artistic director. It was founded in 1978 with an ambition to use theatre as an art form to inspire the younger generation and thereby change the course towards a better world.

Backa Teater is located in the old ship building area of Gothenburg. The house is an old, huge, factory and the main stage, with its 20 x 40 metres, is one of the biggest black boxes in Europe. The ensemble consists of 12 actors and 4 musicians and the theatre produces about 4 new productions each year. Lars Melin is the artistic director since 2020 and has a long experience of producing theatre for a young audience.

The audience is a unique mix of young people not used to visiting the theatre as well as theatre experienced adults. Over the years, Backa Teater has developed techniques and a unique experience on how to address and involve young people in the artistic process, with both newly written and classical works.

Backa Teater has been honored with several awards, nationally as well as internationally, and has attracted well renowned directors and playwrights. Today it is one of Sweden’s most important theatres where the combination of artistic courage and high quality craftsmanship set the standard for the well acclaimed productions. Several of the productions have been invited to festivals and toured all over the world.

Backa Teater on tour:

2010 – Washington: King Matt the First, Mattias Andersson
2013 – Belgrad: Acts of Goodness, Mattias Andersson
2014 – Pskov: Utopia 2012, Mattias Andersson
2014 – Cologne (Köln): Acts of Goodness, Mattias Andersson
2015 – Helsinki: Acts of Goodness, Mattias Andersson
2016 – Bolonga: The Misfits, Mattias Andersson
2016 – Rennés: The Misfits, Mattias Andersson
2019 – Warsaw: Hierarchy of needs, Adel Darwish
2019 – Liège: Hierarchy of needs, Adel Darwish
2023 - Heidelberg: Happily Ever After, Lars Melin
2023 - Venice: We who lived our lifes over, Mattias Andersson