About Backa Teater

In 1978 a small group employed at Göteborgs Stadststeater decided to found a new theatre. Their aim was to use theatre as an art form to inspire the younger generation and thereby change the course towards a better world.

The company was created as an off-shoot of Göteborgs Stadsteater and was situated in the suburb Backa. This was the beginning of the Backa Teater. Over the years, Backa Teater has produced and achieved success with both newly written and classical works for children, youth and adults.

It has been honored with several awards, nationally as well as internationally, for their pioneering way of making and performing theatre. Today Backa Teater is one of Sweden’s most important theatres where the combination of artistic courage and high quality craftsmanship set the standard for the always well acclaimed performances.

Through the years Backa Teater has attracted well renowned directors and playwrights from all over the world. The team of Backa Teater always works with an ambition to make something never seen before. That in combination with the large black box venue creates an arena for guesting artists to accomplish something completely new.

The performances of Backa Teater and Mattias Andersson have gained international acclaim and have toured all over the world. King Matt the First visited Washington in 2010 and Utopia 2012 has been screened in Pskov in 2014. Acts of goodness is frequently programmed for festivals around Europe and recently visited Köln and Helsinki.