Accessible theatre

Our entrance and stage are siutated on ground level. We provide hearing aids and audio descriptions in Swedish.

Hard of hearing

Please let us know if you need any help. We provide hearing aids and if you wish to prepare beforehand it is possible to borrow a script from us. Please contact Ulrika Andersson at or on 031-7087154, or via text telephone on 90160. We subtitle one production each year, please read more under Subtitles below. Subtitles are in Swedis, but sometimes we will be able to provide English as well.

Loud sounds and noise

If you are sensitive to loud sounds we provide ear plugs for free. Ask the cashier.


At least one production a year is subtitled on two occations. If you are hearing impared you may borrow an ipod from us or download Thea to your smartphone. Ask in reception for more information. The lines are fed live during the performance. Subtitles are in Swedish, but we will sometimes be able to provid subtitles in English as well.

Future subtitled performances

There are no booked dates presently.


Our facilities are easy to access. The foyer and the stage are both on ground level. Please let us know if you use a wheelchair and we will arrange good seats for you. If you do not wish to use your wheelchair during the performance, please let us know. We will help you park the chair in a designated area and will be able to help you and others safely in case we would need to evacuate.

Audio description

Our performances are audio described on designated dates. Before the performance you will get a presentation of the actors and their voices as well as a description of the set design. The audio descriptions are in Swedish.

Future dates for audio description

There are no booked dates presently.

Entrance and foyer

Bild på entré. Dörröppningens fria bredd är 89 cm.

Photo of main entrance. Hard and even ground. The free width of the door is 89 cm.

Bild på foajé. Jämnt underlag med kontrastmarkeringar.

Photo of foyer. Even floor.


Bild på trapphus i personaldel. Kontrastmarkeringar finns.

Photo of the stairs in staff area. Contrast markings are painted. Lift is available.