The shadows of mart

Based on a play by Stig Dagerman.

THE SHADOWS OF MART is the critically acclaimed and award winning playwright and director Mattias Andersson’s latest performing arts production for Backa Teater. Its starting point is a play from 1948 by the Swedish author Stig Dagerman.

The original portrays a young man – Gabriel – who has been too cowardly, anxious and weak to dare to fight in the opposition against the nazis. His big brother Mart, however, has died a celebrated war hero and in the shadow of his big brother Gabriel now lives alone with his mother, who together with the brother’s widow taunt and harass him for his lack of manhood and courage to act.

Based on this play, Mattias Andersson has created a totally contemporary performance where a few young people sit alone at home, frightened and oppressed, trying to find evident, concrete narratives and conflicts in a chaotic and forever changing reality.

They all dream of leaving their incomprehensible shadow worlds to make an everlasting determined action which will make them substantial and significant people on earth. To find their function and meaning in an age that consistently demands swift and unquestioned statements and answers.

The performance works with actors, shadows and video in a constant shift between unconcealed psychological acting, choreographies, sound worlds and dreamy suggestive shadow sequences.

THE SHADOWS OF MART has been unanimously renowned by Swedish critics for its poignant and visual illustration of the life conditions for young people in Europe today.

Age limit
15 years
1h 30min
80-240 SEK


Av och Regi Mattias Andersson Scenografi Mattias Andersson, Charlie Åström Med Ylva Gallon, Eleftheria Gerofoka, Nemanja Stojanović, Emelie Strömberg, Kjell Wilhelmsen, Ove Wolf Kostym Helena Arvidsson O'Byrne Mask Josefin Ekerås Ljud och musik Jonas Redig Ljus Tomas Heyman, Charlie Åström Dramaturg Stefan Åkesson Regiassistent Felicia Stjärnsand