We who lived our lives over

What would you do differently if you were able to live your life over? A collaboration between Backa Teater and The Royal Dramatic Theatre.

This performance is based on documentary interviews conducted by sociologists on a socioeconomic cross-section of Sweden's population. Everyone has answered the same question: What would you do differently if got to live your life over again? Out of 137 different answers the playwright and director Mattias Andersson creates a performance on what life could have looked like if we were given a second chance.

The answers are widely spread from the small banal to the crucial dramatic. Someone would have chosen to learn French instead of German in school. Another wishes she’d never met her ex-husband. Yet another would not have chosen Sweden when forced to migrant from their origin country plagued by war.

The merging of these answers creates a polyphonic, visual and choreographic performance that reveals the utopian power of theatre: when the social constructions and outer circumstances changes no identity or life-position is pre-destinated or forever fixed. Nothing is eternal. Everything has consequences.

Age limit
15 years
90-250 SEK


Av och Regi Mattias Andersson Skådespelare Adel Darwish, Ylva Gallon, Bianca Kronlöf, Rasmus Lindgren, Josefin Neldén, Marie Richardson, Magnus Roosmann, Nemanja Stojanović, Kjell Wilhelmsen, Nina Zanjani Scenografi och kostym Maja Kall Koreograf Cecilia Milocco Ljus Charlie Åström Ljud och musik Jonas Redig Mask Josefin Ekerås Dramaturg Stefan Åkesson Dramaturg (Dramaten) Irena Kraus Regiassistent Felicia Stjärnsand

Inspelade röster Maria Hedborg, Saga Wilhelmsen Lignell Statister Mariann Bruce, Monica Cederholm, Birgitta Dovrén, Hasse Ekdahl, Lisbeth Knevel, Rune Lindström, Lasse Måsén, Charlotte Nilsson, Majken Norvenius, Lena Persson, Göran Rydén, Britt-Inger Rydh, Karin-Ida Ström, Kristina Sörelid Woldmar, Gudrun Valmari, Carin Zandhers Statistregi/Dramapedagog: Karl Ekdahl