Jubilee Concert – Forty Years with The Backa Musicians

The Story of a Theatre Orchestra - Forty Years with The Backa Musicians

For forty years, music has played a leading role in Backa Theatre’s productions and the musicians have been self-evident members of the ensemble. We would be hard-pressed to name music genres they haven’t worked with through all those years. Audiences have enjoyed Stravinsky, jazz, hard rock, Irish folk music, and everything in between.

Now it’s time for the fortieth anniversary jubilee, just a bit late, and we would like to celebrate with you! For the first time ever, our musicians will perform a cavalcade of favorites from the annals of Backa Theatre. The show will include songs and stories from classical productions such as The Soldier’s Tale, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Crime and Punishment as well as from newer plays like The Nation – and much more! We will build a stage in the theatre’s foyer where audiences will be able to savor music, food and drink! You are warmly welcome.

ca 2 h 30 min
90-250 kr