It's going to end badly

There is so much to worry about: melting polar ice, dance contests, being forced to change school, tiger poaching. The world is full of potential catastrophes that cannot all be avoided. Some of them will happen – and they will happen during THE APOCALYPSE.

Backa Theatre is collaborating for the first time with Poste Restante, a groundbreaking company that creates interactive performance works in which the boundary between stage and auditorium has been lifted.

In Apokalypsen (The Apocalypse), the cast starts from their own 11-year-old fear of "the catastrophe". Together with the audience, we find strategies for making the anxiety more bearable. Because the worst has already happened and now it's just a question of getting through it.

World premiere 6 March 2015

By Poste Restante
Set and costume design Poste Restante
With Karin de Frumerie, Ylva Gallon, Anna Harling, Gunilla Johansson, Lars Väringer, Ove Wolf
Musician Mats Nahlin
Voice Polly Wasshede Rosande

Age limit
10 years
1 h 15 min
30-120 SEK