Rött kort

About acting ordinary and being hidden

Wanting to be the new Zlatan, but constantly being afraid of being deported. Always playing a game, never standing out, and never being noticed. Being 11 years old, an illegal immigrant, needing to be quiet and ordinary but then finally having a chance to take a place – on a stage.
A football-crazy 11-year-old, a playwright, a film director and an actor from Backa Theatre create a production in which they can shout, talk football, and share a secret without being deported.

The Guldbagge Award-winning film director Gabriela Pichler is making her theatre debut at Backa Theatre and collaborating with the political activist and playwright America Vera-Zavala, actor Rasmus Lindgren and Leo, 11 years old. Each performance is followed by a discussion with invited guests.

World premiere: 10 September 2014

By: "Leo", Rasmus Lindgren, Gabriela Pichler, America Vera-Zavala

Age limit
15 years
40 min
30-120 SEK