Ungdomen är deras sjukdom

Melancholy, pleasure and unspeakable desires

Seven bored, ruthless and sexually frustrated youths are looking for ways of dealing with the meaninglessness of life. They are one step away from adult life, but their body and soul are nevertheless crying out for something else. Destructiveness finds its way in among all the musts and strangles the brightening future. Adolescence is their illness and they do what they can to get rid of it.

Following the box-office hit 5boys.com, the Serbian director Anja Suša is returning at last to Backa Theatre!

Premiere 28 november 2014

By Ferdinand Bruckner
Translation into Swedish Stefan Åkesson
Directed by Anja Suša
With Rasmus Lindgren, Ylva Olaison, Ramtin Parvaneh, Mia Ray, Jonatan Rodriguez, Ulf Rönnerstrand, Emelie Strömberg
Musicians Stefan Abelsson, Anders Blad, Daniel Ekborg, Bo Stenholm
Set and costume design Helga Bumsch
Music composed by Igor Gostuški

Age limit
15 years
1 h 35 min
30-200 SEK