The color out of space

An ambition to describe the undescribable.

The premiere has been postponed, new date to be announced.

A meteorite has chrashed on Earth. It carries a whole new color. Or, in any case something that resembles a color. Some say that it is not a color at all, it is something completely different. There are no words for this new phenomenon, it is foreign and undescribable and people are driven insane by trying to understand.

The Color Out of Space is inspired by HP Lovecrafts groundbreaking horror novel with the same title from 1927. What is color? And where is it residing? Does it live within the objects around us or is it light waves that are diverging? Maybe it is just something our brain has made up. Is red the same thing for you as for your friend? How do you know? Imagine than that a completely new, perhaps a color, emerges. Impossible to include in any familiar descriptions. Suddenly everything is challenged.

The premiere has been postponed, new date to be announced.
Age limit
9 years
1h 15 min
60-160 SEK


Av Emma Palmkvist efter en novell av HP Lovecraft Regi Lars Melin Skådespelare Hannah Alem Davidson, Eleftheria Gerofoka, Anna Harling, Victoria Olmarker, Ulf Rönnerstrand, Ove Wolf Musiker Kristina Issa, Mats Nahlin Scenografi Maja Kall Kostym Karin Dahlström Mask Josefin Ekerås Ljus Christofer W Fogelberg, Daniel Goody Ljud Jonas Redig Dramaturg Stefan Åkesson Regiassistent Felicia Stjärnsand Illustration Ivar Martinsson