The Warriess

A choir piece about the daughters of the battle.

Warriess is a monologue by Athena Farrokhzad about a mother expecting her future child. She talks about why she must sing lullabys in a language she does not master, about flight paths that turn into blind alleys and about the sorrow that is the price of love. In the hands of the director Saga Gärde this text becomes a choir piece, written through a documentary process with the ensemble and the performer Beri Gerwise. In collaboration with Lisa Nordström and David Gülich they create a composition of lyrical text, sound and music.

Age limit
15 years
1h 30 min
90-250 SEK



Av Athena Farrokhzad Bearbetning och regi Saga Gärde Med Bahareh Razekh Ahmadi, Eleftheria Gerofoka, Beri Gerwise, Anna Harling, Kristina Issa, Gunilla Johansson Gyllenspetz, Bo Stenholm, Ove Wolf Scenografi Jenny Ljungberg Ljus Ellen Ruge Mask Meduza Vogt Kompositör och ljuddesigner David Gülich, Lisa Nordström Dramaturg Stefan Åkesson