Six Characters in Search of an Author

Characters found, author wanted

A normal day at the theatre. The actors rehearse. The technicians build the sets. The director worries about the results. Suddenly six characters from an unwritten play rush into the room and demand that their story be performed. Uncertainty takes over the theatre.

The Italian writer and Nobel prize winner Luigi Pirandello wrote his groundbreaking classic Six Characters in Search of an Author in 1921. The world had recently experienced a devastating war and a terrible pandemic. The costume we call civilization had worn thin and hopes for the future shattered. Humanity was thrust into a deep existential crisis.

Exactly one hundred years later, suddenly and unexpectedly torn between comedy, melodrama, tragedy and philosophy, Backa Theatre asks the same questions: What is real? What is fiction? Who decides which interpretation of reality is the right one? Perhaps there is some truth in the lines of one of the characters when s/he says: ”What you see as an illusion is the only reality for us.”

Age limit
From 15 years
1 h 45 min
90-250 kr