The Mysteries of Château Valentin

A dark, romantic fantasy adventure about leaving childhood behind

All that Enya knows about the world beyond the mountains she has been told by her mother: there is nothing out there but an immense black sea with man-eating monsters and blood-red skies constantly consumed by ferocious fires. It is strictly forbidden to cross the forests’ guarded boundaries. But one night a storm descends on the valley. Lightning, thunder and storm winds lift Enya to the mountain peaks and, for the first time, she can see beyond them. There is no black sea. No monsters. No blood-red skies. But there is Château Valentin. And Enya understands that she must go there.

We follow Enya’s journey in a world of magic and the bizarre through the labyrinths of Château Valentin.

Inspired by Ann Radcliffe, Kate Busy and gothic myths, we give you a magnificent drama about desire, violence, love and fear. And about the adventure of growing up. The moment when a childish view of life and of humanity is lost. When we must piece together the world anew.

Age limit
From 13 years
90-250 kr