Happily ever after. Illustration: Saga Arbman

Happily Ever After

A project doomed to fail.

Apparently, the purpose of life is to be happy. But how do you get there? Admittedly, there is lots of advice along the way. “Help others!” “Sing more!” “Be grateful!” But what if nobody wants your help and the people around you don’t like it when you sing? What do you do then?

HAPPILY EVER AFTER is a performance about life’s most important - and most difficult question. It’s an attempt to maybe, hopefully, if possible, make room for thoughts about our own lives and how we’d like them to be. Backa Teater explains how to be happy. A project doomed to fail.

Collectively created by Backa Teater’s ensemble together with dramatist Emma Palmkvist and artistic director Lars Melin.

Age limit
10 years
1h 20min

Av Emma Palmkvist Regi Lars Melin Skådespelare Karin Andersson, Andreas Ferrada-Noli, Ylva Gallon, Ulf Rönnerstrand Musiker Hilda Ekstedt, Agnes Åhlund Scenografi och kostymdesign Maja Kall Dramaturg Stefan Åkesson Maskdesign Kerstin Olsen Ljusdesign Christofer W Fogelberg