Döden, döden. Illustration av Nina Bondeson.

Death, death

One day we will die, but until then, let's play

Why is death so challenging? Is it because we miss someone who is gone? Because we don't know what will happen? Or is it because adults become so strange around death? It can feel intimidating with something so significant. Someone who is dead is dead and won't come back. But what if we became friends with death? Or enemies?

In a permissive play where everything is possible, and only imagination sets limits, we might find answers to some of the thousands of questions we have about death. At the very least, we get the chance to ask them and contemplate them together.

Death, death is a multi-faceted, warm, and inviting performance that, from a child's perspective, explores the one thing we all have in common. With humor, curiosity, and lots of music, we are invited into colorful stories through joy and sorrow, darkness and light, laughter, and seriousness.

Age limit
6 years
Approx 1 hour
60-160 SEK