Odysséen. Illustration av Nina Bondeson.

The Odyssey

Even heroes stumble sometimes

Meet Odysseus, the great hero of Greek mythology, who, on his journey home from the Trojan War, encounters a multitude of adventures and misfortunes. He wanders at sea for ten years before finally reuniting with Penelope.

The Odyssey is based on Homer's epic poem about war, love, and longing. In Backa Teater's production, a subtle retelling is presented where space and time alternately move and come to a halt. Through both words and movement, everything that happens while the gods watch is explored. About humans being brilliant and fantastic, yet pathetic at the same time. About sometimes needing to get lost to find the way home.

In Örjan Andersson's choreography, the human vulnerability is explored in a magnificent set design – where the boundary between dance and theater dissolves. A generous, playful, and creative chaos about journeying from Troy to Ithaca, from one thing to another – or vice versa.

Age limit
13 years
Approx 1 hour and 30 minutes
90-250 SEK