The little match girl

A wordless and truly veritable urban fantasy.

One New Year’s Eve a poor girl walks bare foot in the snowy streets to sell matches. Nobody wants to buy them. To warm herself she lightens the matches, one by one. In the fire beautiful sights of food and happy families appear, but they vanish as soon as the light go out. In the light of the very last match she sees her dead grandmother. The girl utters a wish to leave this world and come with her into the light.

In Rikard Lekander’s adaptation for Backa Teater we meet the famous girl of HC Andersen in a visually suggestive untried format: Theatre meets melodramatic silent movie. A wordless and truly veritable urban fantasy.

Age limit
6 years


Av och Regi Rikard Lekander Efter en saga av HC Andersen Skådespelare Ylva Gallon, Eleftheria Gerofoka, Anna Harling, Ulf Rönnerstrand, Nemanja Stojanović, Emelie Strömberg, Ove Wolf Musiker Stefan Abelsson, Daniel Ekborg, Mats Nahlin Koreograf Cecilia Milocco Scenografi och kostym Kajsa Hilton-Brown Kompositör Christian Gabel Mask Josefin Ekerås Ljus Joakim Brink Ljud Simeon Hillert Videoprojektioner Leo Raa Regiassistent Carolin Oredsson Dramaturg Stefan Åkesson