The Nation

Backa Teater goes all in

Ismael, 11 years old, is missing. Nobody seems to know if he is hidden, kidnapped or has been abused and killed. The police is looking, but the tracks soon lead towards themselves. His biological mother and his foster parents mourn and demand to know what has happened.

The hunt for a scapegoat unravels hidden conflicts. The rich wants to be protected against the poor and the construction of the new, family friendly community “Safe City” is shaken by suspicions of corruption. The police is accused of collaborating with extremists. The fires of populism are burning and islamists want to protect their pureness. The nation is quaking.

The Nation is an intense thriller in six chapters, written by Eric de Vroedt, artistic director at The National Theatre in The Hague. At Backa Teater Beata Gårdeler directs a marathon experience which breaks through the limitations of television and utilizes the full force of reality.

With all the actors and the entire theatre Backa Teater makes one of its greatest performances ever. Let’s go all in.

Age limit
15 years
Approx 4 hours and 40 minutes with 2 intermissions
120-250 SEK

Practical information

The Nation is a hint at the format of television and is written in 6 episodes. We binge watch all episodes and the experience turns into a full on theatre marathon. We will take care of you from your arrival at the theatre until the doors to reality reopen.

We estimate that the whole experience will take about 4 hours and 40 minutes and we have put in two intermissions, one of which is long enough to eat a proper meal during. Backa Eat will prepare a nice buffet that is possible to preorder with your ticket. Drinks, snacks and other smaller sides will be possible to order on site.